The digital comprehensive financial group that customers trust

  • Customer-centered righteousness management image

    Customer-centered righteousness management

    Welcome Financial Group was launched in 2002 with domestic capital and has grown into a digital comprehensive financial group that provides various living financial services. We will achieve sustainable growth through customer-centered ethical management.

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    Digital financial innovation

    Welcome Financial Group has realized an easy and safe "smart welcome in my hands" anytime, anywhere as a result of digital financial innovation. Even today, Welcome Financial Group's digital comprehensive finance experts are working on financial innovation.

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    Moving beyond Korea to a global leading group.

    Welcome Financial Group is now leaping beyond domestic to become a global leading digital comprehensive financial group. Welcome Financial Group maximizes revenue by diversifying its business portfolio at home and abroad.

Management ideology

  • Mission

    Collaborate as a family with mutual trust and harmony. Think and accomplish based on our customers and market. Increase the values of our customers, investors, employees, and society. Learn with an open-minded attitude to enrich human society. Challenge and create the future by leading change and seizing opportunities.

  • Vision

    A world-class competitive digital financial group that represents Korea based on customer trust.

  • Management ideology

    Contribute to human society by creating the best value based on people and knowledge


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for innovative finance,

  • Voluntary participation and autunomous practice

    All members of the Welcome Financial Group strive to secure competitiveness in the digital comprehensive financial market through autonomous and proactive decision-making that fulfills their authority and responsibilities.

  • Enterprising challenge and creative passion

    Every member of the Welcome Financial Group works, through efforts of passion and dedication, in a spirit of entrepreneurship that creates new values in the changing market.

  • Continuous trust

    All members of the Welcome Financial Group pursue customer satisfaction as a core management value and repay customer trust by fulfilling sustainable management of social responsibility.