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Social Contributions

Welcome Financial Group creates a happy society in which everyone is happy through sharing


Everyone's dreams come true with WELCOME

  • Dream Tech Project #1


    "Just because I can't see doesn't mean I don't have a dream"

    Welcome Financial Group's 'Run for Dream' project is a social contribution project that supports everyone who continues to challenge their seemingly impossible dreams. Han Dong-ho, a visually impaired marathoner, dreamed of completing a marathon without a guide runner. Mr.Han finally succeeded in completing the world's first race without a guide runner at the 37th Athens International Marathon in Greece on November 10, 2019.

  • Dream Tech Project #2

    Iron Leg Rocket Girl

    “You can succeed if you don't give up.”

    Ms.Han Jung-won, a female prosthetic golfer who lost her left leg in an accident, dreams of a fair round with top professional players. Welcome Financial Group joined her great challenge of winning the Australian Disabled Golf Tournament, winning the World Disabled Golf Championship, and challenging her to advance to the KLPGA for the first time for the disabled beyond the gold medal at the National Disabled Sports Festival.


Meeting WELCOME raises everyone's hopes.

WELCOME give to hope for the talent who is moving toward dream and future

The Welcome Financial Group's Bang Jung-hwan Scholarship, which began in 2010, is a scholarship system that delivers hope through financial support to future talents who are taking a step toward their dreams and the future despite difficult economic circumstances.


Meet WELCOME and all become one.

  • World Vision 사랑의 도시락 나눔의 집 저축은행중앙회 심의필 2021-01613 (2021년 10월 21일부터 2022년 10월 20일까지)

    Lunchbox Activities for Hungry Children

    Welcome Financial Group constantly tries to support the underprivileged and fulfill its social responsibilities.

  • Welcome 웰컴금융그룹 코로나19 극복, 웰컴금융그룹 생명나눔 헌혈캠패인

    May small hearts gather to save many lives…

    Employees of Welcome Financial Group actively participated in the blood donation campaign to overcome COVID-19.

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