Sustainable Management

ESG Management

Welcome Financial Group is striving for a future

where we coexist with sustainable management


  • ESG campaign 'Welcome Green Day'

    Welcome Financial Group has designated every Wednesday as WELCOME Green Day to actively encourage the campaign to reduce disposable products. We are creating a society where the environment is protected and coexists through small practices in everyday life.
  • The expansion of ESG value investment

    Welcome Financial Group is expanding its investment in sustainable social contribution companies such as electric vehicles, environmental facilities, services, and renewable energy through ESG evaluation-based investment strategies. We are avoiding investing in companies with high governance, environmental, and social risks.
  • Environmental protection and healthcare campaign "Welcome Bank Walking"

    Welcome Financial Group is taking the lead in protecting health and the environment through an ongoing walking campaign as part of the ESG management. In addition, we actively encourage customers to participate through related financial products.



  • The operation of an insider reporting system

    The insider reporting system is a system that allows employees to consult and report on unethical and unfair treatment such as embezzlement and breach of trust. It is operated for the prevention of financial accidents at the group level as a top priority and is operated so that it can be reported anonymously so that there are no disadvantages caused by reporting.
  • Strengthening the professionalism, diversity, and fairness of the composition of the board of directors

    Diversity, professionalism, and fairness are the core values of the composition of the Welcome Financial Group's board of directors. The board of fairly selected experts from various fields is implementing reasonable and efficient decisions on the agenda.